Delve into your inner forest and extract your true essence.


The Sap collection invites you to take a moment to look within yourself and be taken to a beautiful place: your core.

 It was in this emotional context that the designer sought to express through her jewelry pieces our inner heritage, our peculiarities and how rare are our ways to express them. The contemporary designs extoll the virtue of light curves, always exploring women’s beauty and sensuality in shapes.

 Our inner connection with nature is also featured in the creations. Organic and spontaneous shapes from our biodiversity, such as sap trickling from trees,

were the designer’s most inspiring elements. Bearing natural Brazilian gemstones in sculptural and architectonic cuts, the pieces

pay a homage to Brazil’s nature as well as to our own nature as human beings. 

The collection, which is in yellow and white gold, combines exquisite cabochon-cut Brazilian gemstones, such as amethysts and citrines, with the unique brilliance of diamonds.

All designs also available in amethyst, citrine, milky quartz and rutile

as your choice of 18k Gold: yellow, white, rose or black